Presided by HM King Felipe VI
The President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Susana Díaz Pacheco
The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque Duque
The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas Puchades
The Minister of Economy of Portugal, Manuel Herédia Caldeira Cabral
The Presidente of the Regional Goverment of Cadiz, Irene García Macias
The President of the Spanish University Rectors Association (CRUE) and Rector of the University of Lleida, Roberto Fernández Díaz
The President of CEI·MAR Foundation and Rector of the University of Cadiz, Eduardo González Mazo

The First International Meeting on Knowledge and Blue Growth, from 29th to 30th November, will focus its attention on this sector which is vital for sustainable economic development

The First International Meeting on Knowledge and Blue Growth, InnovAzul 2018, organized by the University of Cadiz (UCA) and the CEI·Mar Foundation, will gather over 130 shipbuilding and offshore companies and over 600 specialists in this field at the Congress Palace in the city of Cadiz on the 29th and 30th of November, to focus on the key areas for the sustainable development of this industry, which are fundamental for employment in the future.

Among the most notable attendees are: Navantia's Director of Engineering and Innovation, Ángel Recamán Rivas, with his presentation Shipyard 4.0; the Head of the R+D+i in Additive Manufacturing project, Víctor Casal Lopez, and the Professor of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Sciences of the UCA, Sergio Molina Rubio, who will give their presentation on the joint advances in Additive Manufacturing of the Navantia-UCA team; the Coordinator of the European Fibreship Project on Engineering Techniques and Services S. L., Ignacio García Díaz, with Advanced Materials for Shipbuilding; the Director of the Ship & Shipping working group of the European Technological Platform Waterborne, Paolo Guglia, with Sustainable Marine Power Generation Systems; the INDRA consultant, José Manuel Pérez-Pujazón Arza, who will discuss Autonomous Marine Systems; the Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies of the Navantia Technology Centre, Fernando Miguélez García, who will give his presentation on The Advanced Manufacturing Centre: a key part of the technological change process of the naval sector in the 4.0 industrial environment; and the Manager of Product Development and Engineering Processes at Navantia, Juan Ignacio Silvera Vez, with The Intelligent Ship:a Technological Challenge. The subsequent round tables will be moderated by the Director of the “José Patiño Rosales” Navantia Chair of the UCA, Jorge Salguero Gómez, and by the UCA researcher, Arturo Morgado Estévez.

At InnovAzul, in this important sector for the future of shipbuilding, attention will be focused on: the use of enabling technologies, substantially reducing production times and improving control and quality to improve production processes; the use of new materials, such as composite materials, that offer a competitive advantage in structural elements of maritime work (the contribution of this material to civil works is a great technological breakthrough as it is 4.5 times lighter than steel, with greater flexibility and mechanical strength and greater resistance against marine oxidation); the development of technologies in the use of autonomous unmanned vessels; the development of new eco-design vessels, which reduce pollution from hydrocarbons, wastes, dirty water, energy consumption and the emission of polluting gases; among other topics.

B2B Meetings

In addition to having this important panel of experts and directors of firms linked to the naval and offshore industry, which is one of the six major topics addressed in InnovAzul 2018, the objective is to serve as a meeting point between consumers of technology and those developing it, with the ultimate aim of supporting and boosting competitiveness and employment. Thus, the participating firms have stands and tables with work schedules that will allow them to access the technological skills, offers and demands of other participating entities and schedule up to 30 B2B meetings each, according to their interests.
Over 270 companies and business entities, 61 universities, research centres and administrations will participate in InnovAzul 2018. There will also be over 1,000 accredited attendees, of which 660 are executives and R+D+i staff from companies; 242 researchers and the rest, heads of different administrations.

More topics and exhibitions

During the celebration of InnovAzul, five other large production sectors closely related to the Blue Economy will also be addressed: Ports and Logistics, Tourism linked to the sea, Marine renewable energies, Marine bioproducts and Fishing, Aquaculture and Transforming Industry. It will also have an Open Innovation area where it will promote and support more than 30 technology-based startups in the marine field with the participation of mentors and investors, as well as interesting news capsules. This international meeting will also have a space of over 2,500 square meters distributed between different exhibition spaces of the Cadiz Congress Palace, dedicated to the exchange of personal experiences in innovation, exhibitions of technology in different stands and examples of the practical applications of innovative technologies.

INNOVAZUL 2018 is promoted by the national and regional administrations, with the main backing of the Ministry of Knowledge, Research and University of the Andalusian Regional Government, and also with that of Banco de Santander, the Cadiz Provincial Government, Endesa, Iberdrola, Navantia and Telefónica.

All the information about INNOVAZUL the First International Meeting on Knowledge and Blue Growth can be found at the link above.

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